Thursday, April 3, 2008

A day in the woods

Today we are heading to Capitol Forest to help clear the trails so the forest can open next weekend. It was a really bad year for wind and rain so there's plenty of work to be done. With the promise of rain today the turnout was low and we pretty much had the woods to ourselves.

As the workers walked along and cut up broken limbs I helped out by picking up sticks. I was a bit faster than everyone else though!

Here's a big tree in the way. Mom teaches me to stay far away and still when the chainsaw is running.

I think I'm getting the hang of this trail work thing. Here I chew down a dangerous tree limb so nobody will trip over it.

Even hard working trail dogs need a break too.

The day goes on...

I'm starting to get muddier but that's OK as my Mom just loves giving me baths. Turns out when I was all dried up the dirt basically fell off with a good brushing!

Here I get some loving from my Dad as we take a short break after heading up a steep hilly section.

Here's Mom and me posing in a shading spot along the trail.

We start heading back after a long day's work. Are you coming? Hurry up Mom!

My last break of the day under a huge cedar tree. Minutes away from where we originally headed out and were parked the rain started to fall. Talk about perfect timing! I had the beat time ever and can't wait to do trail maintenance again.

It snowed again!!!

It's almost April and the snow is falling again! I think that's a record for here. We didn't think it would really last so we stayed outside until 10:30 at night playing.

I ran and ran (and slept extra soundly and long the next morning) and had a blast. These pics are taken around 6:30 as the sun was going down and the snow continued to fall until we hit the hay.

We awoke to a winter wonderland and even Mom went to work a bit late so we could play some more together. It was that sticky snowman kind of making snow and Danzig loved to chase the snowballs. It stayed for another 2 days and surely that will be the last of it this season. Too bad!!!