Sunday, March 14, 2010

Headed to Ridgefield Wa

On our way to Ridgefield we stopped at this cute park to stretch our legs.

We found clean parks without a lot a mud as we were in town for a dog show and I don't think the judges would appreciate a dirty dog :)

We settled into our hotel room. I love my two boy's here both looking very studly!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Danzig in the ring

We headed to Ridgefield Wa for Sunday's IABCA show (shows 3 and 4).
Here is Danzig in Herding group for show 3.

Getting his bite examined by the judge.

Here he is in show 4 Herding group.

Finally here he is in Best In Show Rare Breed where he took home reserve BIS!

Misc IABCA show shots

Me and Danzig

Danzig and Draba
Vicki and Bernie

Danzig, Kesali and Chloe waiting in line to head into the ring

Some prizes for Danzig! He was a very good boy and slept all the way home after an exhaustingly fun day.

Kesali and Taz

Kesali and Taz are both from the 9/17/09 Elektra/Danzig litter. This was the 1st time we saw saw since they were 8 weeks old. Here Kesali is resting up between shows.

Here is Kesali in the ring showing off her stuff.

Another nice shot of Kesali. Since Taz wasn't in the show it was harder to get pictures of him, plus the poor lighting in the area messed up most of what I did get

We entered the Family class which was a blast and got to run around the ring and show everyone how pretty we all are!

After the show is over we pose with our Family ribbon!