Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pup cont.

There were several police dog presentations including bomb/drug sniffing and apprehending a criminal (here demonstrated by Ajax) during the day. Ajax is the K9 units newest addition and SSDCA member Jeanette organized a fundraising effort to get him a bulletproof vest. There was a presentation by the club and then they announced Jeanette as the Shiloh Shepherd lady.

I think this pic is just so cute. Just after Jeanette spoke and another police man (the chief I believe) was talking, look how Jeanette is gazing down at Ajax. You can just see the love.

Here Ajax struts his stuff in his new vest.

There were other demonstrations throughout the day including some dancing dog routines.

You gotta love those dancing dogs! The Burmese Mountains dog's did a cart pulling show as well but somehow I missed it completely!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Boy!

9/27 was Danzig's 1st birthday. Here's a slideshow that recaps his 1st year. http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w16/motojarna/1st%20Year/?action=view&current=3912edec.pbw
A lot of great memories were brought up again when I looked thru all the old photo's from the past year. What a great year it's been.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

KAT Walk

On Sunday 9/21 we went to the KAT Walk to help raise awareness of kidney diseise. It was a lovely day for a 5K walk along the waterfront. Here a cute cat faced girl holds Danzig.

We detoured off the path a few times like here to explore a sandy beach.

We had a great day and met tons of friendly people and dogs along the way. We will be back next year for sure.

Here's a photo slideshow of our fun day http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w16/motojarna/KAT%20Walk/?action=view&current=0001.jpg

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm a CGC!!!

Today was responsible Dog Owners day so we headed to Centralia for a fun doggie day in the park. There were dog's of all shapes, sizes and colors. Here Danzig say's hello to a pink and purple poodle. We spent a couple of hours just walking around and checking out the smells and then headed off to sign up for AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing.

The test has 10 stations included a separation test. Here a police officer holds Danzig while I hide behind a tree. The police officer had a K9 shepherd and he was smitten with Danzig since the moment we arrived. We spent a lot of time talking with him.

I'm a very proud Mom today as Danzig passed and is now officially a CGC! I was nervous but Danzig was as cool as a cucumber and he did great!

After the test we headed to the brand new off leash dog area at the far end of the park. This was our 1st such experience and I've heard some horror stories so was apprehensive at 1st. The area had just opened a few weeks ago so it was clean and not at all crowded. There were 2 separate areas, 1 for big and the other for small dogs. The white dog saying hi to Danzig was a shepherd who just had his coat shaved.

Way to go Danzig, you rock!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dirty Dog

The Dirty Dog is not what you think, it's a dirtbike race up in Bellingham Washington. All packed up and ready to go!

I love this place, it has tall grass, trees, dirt and rocks. Everything a dog loves.

What's that I hear?

Here's comes Dad on his Gas Gas 300.

Danzig did great around the noisy bikes all day and everyone commented on how well behaved and what a nice dog he was.

It's all about the fun.

A visit to Grandma Susie's

We went to Grandma's over Labor Day weekend. I had to stay in the fenced backyard because...

Miss Kitty had kittens. 3 of them all different colors. Too cute!
That's OK because I played in the kids toy's. Life is good.

A wet adventure

We headed down to the local creek so Danzig could play in the water a bit. The water level was extremely low and there wasn't much current but he still had a blast.

It was a hot day so Danzig splashed around more than usual, he's not much of a water dog.

What's that, some people and dog's are coming to platy with me! One lady and her two "they don't get along with other dog's so please stay back" doggies arrived and quickly left.

Then a guy and his friendly fuzzy showed up. Danzig just LOVES to play with other dog's. This gal recently had her rear shaved so Danzig had to play nice.

Afterwards we took a stroll down the walking trail to dry off. Here Danzig poses in front of some sunflowers.

What a lovely day we had.

Light's, camera, ACTION

Here are a few action shot's of Danzig.

Just look at him go..........

Quick reverse and change direction.

Northwest SSDCA Picnic

The Northwest Chapter of the SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America) held it's annual Washington State picnic in Kingston at member Jeanette's lovely home. We arrived and set up next to Danzig's sister Shavora. The poor thing was confined to an X pen for the majority of the event as she was experiencing her 1st heat. Not to worry most of the males in attendance stayed close by and kept her company.

Here Danzig greets his sister with a big sloppy one. He was very happy to see her again.

It was a gorgeous day for a gathering. Here Roscoe and Danzig stand on the hill overlooking the activities below.

Temperament (TT) testing was conducted on about 10 Shiloh's and I'm happy to report all including the Zigster passed! For the test the handler and dog walk their way through 10 stations to see how the dog reacts to certain situations and noises. The stations included a friendly stranger, animal in a crate, loud noises from behind a tarp, walking on strange surfaces, a cowbell ringing, a passive stranger, an umbrella popping open just as you approach, a loud bang/gunshot noise and finally a threatening stranger jumps out in front of you with a big stick.

Play, play and more play. With around 30 Shiloh's in attendance it was a day full of fun for the fuzzies.

Here's a slideshow with many more pictures of the day.

Friday, September 5, 2008

An Elvis sighting!

A few weeks ago we headed to a local natural pet store to celebrate their anniversary and guess who was there? Yep, Mr Blue Suede himself. It was one of the hottest days of the year and both Danzig and the King were overheating in their long coats. We had a great time and came home with a huge bag of samples and good stuff.