Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just being cute

I love you dad

Let's play ball

Oh how I love my orange ball

It makes me smile

It makes me happy

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just prancing around in the sunshine.

Whew, it's hot!

I think I need a quick nap.

I'm not staring at the cat, really I'm not.

Me again with my favorite ball.

Another day in the woods

Yeah, we are headed to the woods to rebuild a section of washed out trail. What fun!

It's a mess, you can see where a culvert pipe use to burried.

I especially enjoy running up the hillside thru the broken branches and watching the workers down below.

So many sticks so little time!


What 'ca got there?

What's all this??? It was over 90 out today so Danzig got a treat of ice to play with.

And play he did. He hauled his ice all over the yard.

Brain freeze!

It was fun while it lasted but soon the ice was almost gone. Danzig contemplates what to do with the final bit of ice...

The End