Monday, October 10, 2011

Race Day at Rimrock Lake

Dad's cheerleaders

The race is held in a drained lake

Stud boy Danzig on the rocks

Rimrock Cont

I see you bug


Bikes coming around the corner

Always smiling

Happy Dad's done racing and back safe

Packed up and ready to head home

Bye Bye

I got the pinecone!

The Zigster just having some fun playing with a pinecone.

NWC Annual Picnic

Septempber 10th was our annual summer picnic in Kingston.
Yep, that's Thea drooling :)

Jessica with Merlin and Rocky


Teddy and Gracie

Handsome Teddy

Thea lounging

Now Kesali joins in the fun

NWC Annual Picnic

Karin with Aidan and Kaiko
  It was a perfect sunny day at Jeanette's place in Kingston, Wa so here's a few more photo's.



Laura with a puppy

Cyran checking out the shade tent



Another fun day exploring

Backseat driver :)

We were checking out a peice of property with the MC club

This field would make a lovely camping spot

Danzig was always next to Stephanie, he likes her, she gives good pets

Hike up Mt Townsend

Dad, Toni and Danzig fresh and ready to hike up MT Townsend

Zig getting a acold drink from the stream

Look at all the wildflowers

We are surrounded by mountains.

Made in the shade

We went to the race at the Yak ranch and watched dad race around on his dirtbike. Mom got this nifty new shade maker for her birthday, it's kinda like a 1/2 of a tent.

View from the inside

Finding my own shade as we walked around the course, it was a hot one

Puyallup Pet Expo

The Pet Expo at the fairgrounds was back in July 2011. The NWC showed up in full force but the indoor area made for really blurry photo's. Here's a few that came out OK.
Our booth had to be decorated in the breeds country of orgin, USA!

Here comes Kai, Laura and Roy with Sluggo and Aslan

Here is Vicki with Dover

The booth was non stop busy

Ruth did an awesome job with Danzig and talkin' Shiloh

There were tons of neat exhibit sand otehr animals, it was much more that just a dog expo

Jim shows of Tillie's new backpack