Monday, August 11, 2008

8/10 Fun Match

Last Sunday we attended a Fun Match in Auburn at the beautiful Argos Ranch for Dogs. It was our opportunity to try out a variety of fun doggie activities. Our 1st event of the day was a Rally course. The course had 16 numbered cones you navigate thru and perform the obedience activity listed. Danzig pays close attention to the instructions given.
The course had a variety of obedience and navigational maneuvers. Cone 3 had you place you dog in a down while you circle around him. Nice stay!

Here Danzig leaps over a small jump while the handler (that's me) stays to the side. Rally was so much fun and everyone said Danzig was a natural. We will definitely try this again.

Next we headed to the Lure course. The lure is just some plastic sprayed with an attractant, it's connected to a wire and you want your dog to chase it is fast as he can. Here my friend and helper Ruth takes Danzig and the lure to the back of the field. Here's how it should work...When she releases Danzig the lure operator will real in the lure and Danzig will chase. The catcher would then grab him at the end. Well let's just say Danzig wasn't much for chasing some plastic. I think he was too smart to fall for that. He had way more fun running around the field while we chased him! He did finally get a good chase in on his 4th and final run.
Ruth was a great helper all day. She's like Danzig's godmother, I know she's there if he needs her. She's currently dogless and came along to get her doggie fix in. She fell in love with the whippets. A local whippet club hosted the Lure course so there were plenty of them to play with.

Fun Match Dog Show

There were 2 confirmation show's and to my surprise one of the judges was an IABCA judge so she was very familiar with the Shiloh standard. The other judge looked briefly at the standard after admitting to Danzig being the 1st Shiloh she's ever seen. Here Danzig has his bite examined. Look how those pearly white gleam.

It was an extremly relaxed show, more of a learning style for the newbies which was perfect for us. We soaked in the tips offered and asked plenty of questions. Danzig was the only Shiloh and won Best of breed, best male and 1st place herding in both shows.

With a dozen or so dog's in this UKC version of BIS (some groups had multiple entrants as puppies and adults were combined) they doubled the ring size which gave Danzig a chance to show off his movement.

Danzig quickly became friends with this cute puppy.

Here Danzig shows off his winnings. Way to go! What a fun day we both had.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day at the races

Back in early July we headed to the Timekeeper Enduro at Straddleline for a day of racing and a night of camping. Here a friend Scott pet's Danzig for good luck!

The dirt at Capitol Forest is clay based, in this pic Danzig's red highlights blend well with it.

Danzig loves camping.

Unfourtunately Roscoe injured his foot riding the morning race. We used Brodie's large water dish to ice his foot in. Danzig enjoy's a drink of "Aqua Feeta".

Meet my sister Shavora

I had so many good pics of Shavora from the Meet and Greet I wanted to share them all.

She's got such a stunning look to her doesn't she?

Tuckered after a long fun filled day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shiloh Meet & Greet

On 7/19 Sondra & Gary hosted a Shiloh Meet & Greet picnic at their place in Oregon. They have a great piece of Shiloh heaven.
Here Sondra with Shavora and Marcella with Kyna go for a stroll in the large play area.

Easy up were in place to provide shade for all.

There were 2 youngsters in attendance. Here Danzig plays under a shady tree with Freya and Harley.

The puppies take a break from play and drink from a giant dog bowl? No...that Shavora's doggie spa.

Danzig and Steiner can't keep their eye's of the gal's and they proved to be 2 males hungry for some female companionship. They were kept separate from the girls when unsupervised.

More Meet & Greet

It's obvious Shavora and Kyna are best friends.

Here 2 of the 3 Amigo's hope to sneak in the house while nobody's looking.

Laura's Nieko give one of those oh do cute Shiloh looks.

Laura sit's and visits with some new puppy owners while puppies Freya and Harley hang close by.

Freya is a real cutie. Too bad Ragnar (Shanna's other fur ball) didn't make it.

Oregon Meet & Greet Cont.

Sondra sit's with Freya and Shavora.

Harley is a real cutie

Kyna takes a moment to cool off in the doggie spa.

Danzig & Shavora hanging out in the open area together. All the action shot's are a blur as they were running around full speed the whole time.

Here's a pic of Shavora after playing with Danzig. she's pooped!

Everyone had a great time and some new friendships (both human and furry) were made.