Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

He's haming it up for the crowd

So I have no photos but we have been heading to PetSmart every weekend and spending a couple of hours just having fun. Danzig plays with anyone and every dog and I tell people all about Shiloh's and how wonderful Danzig is. He had the best time with a 7 month old wiener dog last weekend. They played forever and his owner was just so happy because Danzig was the 1st dog her wiener had ever really played with. She would stop from time to time and use her tissue to wipe up the drool on her pup, what a sight. The crowd gathered as the big fuzzy Shiloh pup played so excitedly, yet gently with her 7 pound hot dog. It was too cute to watch them both.

Time to say hi again

It's been so cold and dreary but finally a lovely weekend to head out and take some pics of me just being cute. I'm switching back to Orijen puppy food as my farts were getting the best of
Mom & Dad lately. I guess that extra food I started eating put me over the edge! I just started the switch yesterday so I'll keep you posted on how it blows, I mean goes!

The orange ball below use to have legs on it but they were too enticing and within 1 day were deteriorating so Mom cut them off. Now it's a big bouncing rubber ball that squeaks!!!
Here I take a quick drink, must keep hydrated.
I heard my twin sis Shavora was getting blacker, especially on her back and tail. That was a week or so ago, now I'm finally getting darker too.
One happy go lucky pup!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Too Skinny???

I know it seems like all I eat are leaves but I do eat doggie food too. Tonight at my 1st Kindergarten class my new teacher thinks I'm skinny. Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago (12/28). I just went to the vet when these were taken and weighed 26.8 pounds. I'm steadily gaining 3 pounds a week, that's almost 1/2 a pound a day.

Does this angle make my butt look big?

Here's my stack pose, nice huh? I have to get some new pics up soon, my legs have really lengthened recently.

Furry friends

Here are some of the new friends I made at Grandma's. Even though Miss Kitty is much smaller she is the boss, she is older by 2 weeks after all. Notice how I stop eating when she sticks her head in my dog food bowl to check out the goods. I can't say the same for Scout, I was able to pick on him all day - What fun!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Visit to Grandma Susie's

We spent several day's with Roscoe's family over the holiday's. They live down a long very private road where Danzig could walk without being on a leash. This was a new experience for him so I was curious if he would chase after bugs and birds. Here Toni, Nicki & Danzig pose for a pic.

Danzig always kept a close eye on me while walking and never wandered more than 25 feet away.

Thanks for playing with me Toni.