Friday, February 25, 2011


They family went to Olympia to tell our Senators and Representatives what we feel about them stealing our NOVA funds

It was a beautiful day at the Capital

I got tons of pets, hugs and a few hot dogs too!

Snow again

Yep, it's here again, yummy

Let the sun shine in

The snow is on it's way so hooray for another lovely day

The sun makes me smile

And my coats glows

But let's be serious because the best things is...

It makes me warm and fuzzy all over

Talking up a storm

Listen to me

Do you hear me

I'm being seroius now :)

Enough said

My 2 balls

What's this?
A ball!'s another one

How I love balls, the more the merrier

I'll take this one...

Actually this one's nice too.
Never too many balls for me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunny Day in Mid February!

Smiler wearing his closest bandana to Valentines day themed
Took the fuzzy smiler to a new park today and what a spectacular day it was. The sun was out and it had to be in the mid 50's. The park located in Kent boarders the Green River.
I saw a coyote just beyond that fence

Danzig ponders crossing this bridge

His toes fit between the slits and he turns back

Here he comes doing his best stalking ninja impression. It was so funny to watch. He was a pro on the way back.

Sunny Day cont.

After we found what we were looking for (a Letterbox hidden close by) we ventured on some side trails. We found a swampy area hidden in the trees. And eventually a lovely sunny patch of grass atop a hill. It was a fun day for all.