Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And some more pics

Check out this pinecone we found on vacation in California. It's Shiloh sized. And a pic of my blooming flowers (the moss).

More pics

Here he tries hiding his ball in the compost pile.

Am I trouble?

or innocent?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby J arrived

Our plush J doll finally arrived. He had quite the adventure getting here. His box was damaged in shipment so he was returned for repackaging.

Can you tell which nose is the real shiloh?

I didn't plan this, but look in background of these 2 pictures, Danzig's posing just like the J.

Funny faces

Growing up fast

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm 5 month's old

I'm a bit behind on posting but back on 2/28 it was a nice day to go say hi to the neighbor dog.

Look Mom, it's Conan.

Poor Conan wasn't feeling too good today so he didn't want to play.

Let's just go back home and play!

I love my balls, they are my favorite toys. Tennis balls are the best but I chew them up so only get one now and then a a special treat.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wrapping up a 2 day show

Here's my beautiful sister Shavora and her mom receiving feedback from a judge on Day 1.

Angela and her service doggie Loki made the long trip up for Day 1. Loki was wonderful, the constant attention he paid to Angela was amazing. I caught Angela taking a nap but Loki never let his guard down.

Here's the gang again. From left to right: Laira, Zeke, Danny, Jessica, Ken, Jake, Marcella, Aili, Jarna, Danzig, Nancy and Gryphyn.

Brother and sister can't resist some play time when they first meet after not seeing each other since they were 8 weeks old. Here they are 4.5 month's.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the show goes on

Here's a shot of Ken's Big Jake looking mighty alert. Jake won the Gold Cup on Day 2, a big honor. He made all of us Shiloh lover's very proud.

Marcella, Sondra and Aili are standing by ringside. There's a lot of standing and waiting for your turn to come up. Thank goodness there was good company to hang with.

Here Teddy and Gryphyn get stacked, Stacked is posing your dog to look its best. For Shiloh's the the front feet are straight down and paralel while the rear closest to the judge should be outstretched back.

Nancy & Gryphyn cruise the ring so the judge can observe the front and rear motion (also refered to as coming and going).

Here are the puppies showing off. Dog's only left to right: Rocky, Aili, Shavora (hidden), Danzig and Koda.

More from the IABCA show

Most of the NW Shiloh's showed up for the big 2 day show in Washington. There were 11 shiloh's showing in total, 3 from California, 2 from Oregon and the rest were local Washingtonians. Here's a gang of Shiloh's ready to go in the ring early on Day 1. Left to right: Gary, Sondra, Shavora, Dallas, Danny, Laura, Nancy, Gryphyn, Teddy, Jessica, Aili, Marcella & Pam (the last lady & dog are unknown).

Marcella, Nancy & Jessica chat about the show as dogs Aili, Kyna, Dallas & Danzig relax. This shot is from Day 2, which had less participation. I can understand why as you get pretty exhausted after just 1 day of showing.
Teddy and Danzig check out the action in ring 5.

There was a junior handeler show and a young lad left his wolfhund? with Jessica for safekeeping while he ran to the restroom. It was quite humerous as the boy was as big as his dog.

Here Jeanette and Teddy talk to a police officer about how wonderful Shiloh's are.

Sorry, I can only post 5 pictures per post, more to come...

My 1st dog show

My 1st dog show was the IABCA Evergreen Winter Sieger at the Enumclaw fairgrounds on 2/16-17/08. It was 2 fun filled long days of strutting in the ring and hanging with my Shiloh friends. There were 2 show's each day for a total of 4. Look at all the fancy medals I earned for being such a cutie pie. Well that knock out smile I've been working on helped too I'm sure.
Here Laura shows me in a Bred By event. Bred by means the person that bred the dog also show's it. I made it to Best in Show Bred By for both shows on Day 1.

Here I trot around the ring on Day 2. It's important to go at a speed that helps the judges see smooth movement.

Sondra took this pic of my trot in action. Overall the judges really liked my movement. After each show you receive a written judges report on what they saw in your dog. I received comments such as good coming, going & side, very good reach & drive, level strong topline and very good for age. One of the judges told Laura Danzig's movement gave her goosebumps.

After a long day I relax and play with with the present I got from Sondra and Shavora.