Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play time!

Who's there....

Yeah... it's Tony and Susie visiting

Let's play croquet. Cuda you can be the ref.

Come on Tony, throw the ball already.

I love a fun day of play.

Black Bear 2010

The native Rhody's were blooming at Tahuya the weekend of the Black Bear Enduro. We worked a check and had a great time exploring the forest and chatting with the racers.


We spent a day in May at Petpalooza in Auburn, Wa. Local Shiloh's in attendance were Aslan, Sluggo, Chloe, Star, Major, Hero and Danzig.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seeking a Waterfall

I packed up the boy's and we met up with Susie, Tony & Nicki for another PNW adventure.

We were seeking Murhut Falls and the scenery on the way was even breathtaking so we were in for a treat I'm sure.
The hike up to the falls was a tad steep at times but it was a perfect day for hiking.

We pause for a quick letterbox (of course, you know me) and continue our assent.

Ta Dah!!!
It was as amazing as I hoped it would be.

Waterfall adventure continued

A drink for the zigster

Look at all those Elk!!
Wow, nature is awesome

A bridge crossing
Happy sunshine boy

A much needed rest stop at the end of our fun day