Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day

Danzig poses with the shamrock hat
It was a lovely spring day for some St Patty's day pictures
Cuda wonders what's so fascinating about this lucky hat

Attempt to get all 3, Danzig, Cuda and the hat in one picture


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ode to my dog

  Dearest Danzig...
  • 1st you are the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. Just seeing you makes me smile, everyday. You seem to smile from the inside out and it's contagious. 
  • You are smarter than many humans I know, I can just talk to you like a friend and you understand, how can that be.
  • You are so excited and happy about life and new experiences. New is a relative term, if it's new since yesterday it's new to you. Every walk is the greatest adventure, every car ride worth waiting a week for. It's this outlook on life that we should all have.
  • You silky coat is so darn cuddable. Even if I skip brushing you every hair seems to stay in place. Less brushing makes for more time snuggling.
  • You are a true best friend and protector of your buddy Cuda. You share your food with him and let him sleep curled up and purring nearby. It's obvious he feels safe with you watching over him. I love to see him walk under you as he shortcuts to the bathroom and over you to head up the stairs.  
  • Your kisses and nudges seem to always come at the right time. You are so in tune with your humans and we appreciate you caring for and comforting us.
  • You bring such joy and meaning to my life. Looking forward to the long love filled years ahead.