Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rope Toy

Look what I got! It's a new rope tug chew toy. It smells good too.

It has an extra big ball on it so hopefully I can't chew it to pieces right away as it bearly fits in my mounth.

I like playing tug with Mom & Dad with my new toy. I let them win now and then too so they keep wanting to play.

OK, what's going on here, the cat has decided he likes MY new toy!

Danzig has had this toy for a couple of weeks now and it's held up really well. The big tennis ball is like new but a few strings have been pulled out. Generally Danzig is rough on toys and only the toughest can withstand his chewing. This ones a keeper and was only $10 at Petsmart.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new big boy bed

Look, I was a good boy and now I have a brand new bed! It's a cot type design instead of a regular soft pillow type. Mom is happy as it looks easier to keep clean and I won't be able to nibble on the edges (hopefully).

I like it!

It's comfy to sleep on too.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A few more "Walk" pics

The company I work at does kidney dialysis so my co-workers were out in full force at the JDRF walk.

He's as big as a horse, I can almost ride him! I told him to find us again next year, he would be even bigger.

The whole day was a great experience for Danzig and we both had a blast. Maybe I could rent Danzig out for these walks, so many folks wanted to walk him.

Walk for a cure

Today Danzig and I participated in the JDRF Walk for a Cure. It's a 5K walk to benefit juvenile diabetes's. It took place in the beautiful Point Defiance zoo area. The weather was just perfect and we both had a blast. Here's Danzig with his idol, the one and only Scooby Doo.

We pause for a rest along the way. When we first arrived at the walk registration table a cute little girl ran up and tied a bandanna around Danzig's neck. Doesn't he look darling in his stars & stripes?

The zoo park area was full of blooming rhodies. They don't smell but Danzig had to make sure.

After the walk we spent some time at Owens beach. Danzig was a bit weary of the waves coming after him! The waves were the only thing that spooked him all day. I was pretty amazed considering how many people, bikes, kids, strollers, etc we encountered.

Owens beach was just a log skip and a jump from the walk registration area.