Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Oregon State adventure outing

My Dad wanted to go riding his bike in Oregon with buddies so I came along for an adventure.
We are in the woods so I'm a happy boy!

That's Shotgun Creek in the back

Dad was filling up his camelback and I love the sound of running water so I rushed over for a drink.

Here's a much better shot of the river. Danzig thought about a swim :)

The covered Bridges of Cottage Grove

After the ORV park we headed out to explore Cottage Grove and around mid Oregon.
The Rhodys we all in bloom, stunning.

I think this is the Willamette river in the background. We were at a park in Springfield letterboxing for a bit on Saturday.

Tree dog?

Finally, one of the famous covered bridges. Buddy Chuck is walking Danzig.

How can I help you?

There was a cool maze in the back lawn, we played in it one evening

Danzig is housesitting

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go...Farwell Cottage Grove and off to Eugene we go.

The view as we head up a "hill" in Eugene, whew, it was a doozy!

Tallest peak in Eugene

Up up up we go, Spencer Butte is the tallest peak in Eugene, Oregon.

We made it!!!
I suspect this place is usually really crowded but there was a huge marathon (the folks who typically climb mountains wee there) in town so we were mostly alone.

One hot, sweaty dog mom :)

Climbing Spencer Butte

We took the kinder gentler trail back down, thank goodness

Thirsty boy

Awwwww, the face of an angel

The Portland Pet Expo

On 4/17 we headed south to Portland to help man the ISSR Shiloh booth at the Portland Pet Expo. My friend Ruth came with so we made a fun weekend out f it. Marcella had the booth all set up and ready to go when we arrived.
It was a busy weekend and thee were always new dog lovers coming and going.

Here Echo, Rhedyn and Kyna rest while Win and Marcalla take a much needed break.

The happy family reunited! Danzig and 2 of his pups from the Elektra litter pose nicely for the camera. Kesali's mom Sondra and Taz' mom Vicki are in the background.

Getting never ending pets and love from visitors was something Danzig enjoyed.

The Expo cont...

Rhedyn just getting some lovin' from a boy.
Rhedyn, Kesali & Taz all lined up and looking good.

Win and Echo take a seat

Danzig with Ruth, Thea, Echo, Rhedyn, Kyna and Taz (L to R)

It's been a long day and the energy level in the both is winding down. Taz, Thea and Danzig rest.

Kesali at the Expo

Kesali, Danzig's daughter, born 9/09
was almost 7 month's old at the Expo. It was a very sweet greeting when they 1st met again.

Look at the darling smile of hers!
Kesali's large size is evident as she stands next to a year and a 1/2 old GSD.

I especially love this pic of her

Seeing and spending the day with Kesali and brother Taz was a highlight of the weekend.

Taz at the Expo

Brother to Kesali is Taz. Here Danzig and son pose with Taz' mom Vicki

What a cutie pie

Nice pose Taz!

Lounging on a car seat, this boy loves car rides I take it.

Taz and Danzig really enjoyed hanging out at the Expo together.