Sunday, February 7, 2010

My fun day with Princess Chloe

Today was extra fun...Cat and Jim brought beautiful Chloe along and we met in a park for a day of fun. Chloe started the day all clean and shiney, her spring bandana added that finishing touch. She smelled good too :)

Shiloh alert! A stranger and his dog approach.
It was a cloudy day but still warm enough to make a fuzzy Shiloh thristy.

We headed over to the tennis court for some off leash action. Mom said I was being good not trying to hump Chloe, well most of the time. But she's so darn cute!

Day with Chloe (cont)

All this running around the tennis court made me thirsty. Thanks for sharing Jim!

OK, back to playing

Thanks for letting me play with your princess Cat & Jim. I had so much fun. After Chloe left Mom and me went letterboxing, whew what an exhausting day. I'm sound asleep already.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Cat = The Boss

I've taken over the blog. I am the cat after after all, the dog is just my faithful servant.

He brings me toys to try and appease me but I am not one for playing.

I prefer to lounge on the porch.

And a good rubbing behind the ear is nice now and then.

The Boss (cont)

If that didn't prove it to you this surely will. Look how he just rolled over for me.

He's not too bright, the dog that is. Here he thinks we are equals, relaxing happily together.

And occasionally he even thinks I look up to him!

But in the end I'm the boss of him. Long live Cuda, the cat of the Rainey household.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow day photo contest

Danzig came in 3rd place in the Daily Puppy photo contest.
It's a good thing we didn't come in 1st, that little sweater the winner received would have been a challenge to get in!