Monday, December 31, 2007

I saw Santa

I'm back after a long vacation and some computer issues! A lot's been happening since I last posted. Christmas has come and gone. Danzig was a good boy so Santa brought him some new toys. We went to Grandma's for the holiday's and Danzig did great traveling in the motorhome. He spent most of the time playing with his new best friend Miss Kitty, their new kitten. I'll get some pics up soon. He played with their two girls Toni and Nicki and met a bunch of new people, this is really helping his socialization. Have to run, the new year is almost here!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Frosty came to town

And I love the snow so I was all up for a long day of playing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Up

Well one ear is completely up now and the other is on it's way. Amazing what just one day will do. My twin sister Shavora's ears were both completely up at 9 weeks and 2 of my brothers; Rayne and Kerberos
both still have their cute floppy puppy ears. Sahvora is a plush and Rayne & Kerberos are smooths, could this have something to do with the timing? Seems like coat length wouldn't make a difference but ???

Check out these pearly puppy teeth are so sharp and I'm always excited about chewing on my toy's that sometimes I bite Mom too. Ouch, when do the puppy teeth fall out and the adult teeth come in I wonder?

Back to the vet we go

First we hopped on the scale and Danzig weighed in at 20.8 lbs. That's up 3.1 lbs from our first visit 2 weeks ago.

Then the nice lady gave Danzig his 2nd set of immunizations. Notice the scardy cat was crouching before she even gave him the shot. She commented on how sweet and well behaved he was. He didn't even flinch when she actually gave him the shot.

The doctor came in to take a peek at his eyes as they still had a slight redness. He believed they were better than when he 1st saw them and instructed me to keep an eye out for yellow discharge.

All done! We will be back in 3 weeks for our final set of shots. How much will he weigh then I wonder?

Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm a show stopper

I think this smile will win the judges over for sure! Well, maybe we will work on that by the IABCA show in Enumclaw next year.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Check out my ear!

As you can see there's a little perkyness going up on the right side. This is a great shot of my eyeshadow too.

My 1st Snow

A few nights ago Danzig experienced snow for the 1st time. There wasn't much of it but he enjoyed it all the same. Here he ponders heading down the dreaded steps!

After a good long time of playing Danzig finally slows down enough for me to get one shot with him completely in the picture.

After playtime he was thirsty and licked the deck clean.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Play time outside

Danzig just loves to play outside and I love to take pics of him playing!
He's a wild child at times jumping around like a bunny rabbit.
He loves all the leaves, pine cones and sticks that fall from the trees.

Danzig's been home a week now

And he's settling in quite well I think. See that cute black spot on his tail, many say it looks like a heart. He loves to stretch out and lay with his legs out behind him. It's the cutest pose and often his tail sticks straight up when he does it. I'll have to get a pic.

Here's Danzig giving Cuda a kiss on the head. They are still getting along well and Danzig is learning his boundaries...stay out of the cats room and leave him alone when he's sleeping in his bed.

Danzig ears are just starting to stand up a bit so when he looks back or lays on his side like in this picture they are in the up position.

What a sweetie he is. Already a mama's boy says Roscoe. His favorite spot is asleep at my feet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Visit to the Vet

Monday I took Danzig to the vet for his check up. I must confess I was a bit weary of bringing him into a place where sick doggies go since he isn't fully vaccinated yet. I carried him in and hoped they cleaned the area after each patient. I suspect this is why he seemed frightened about entering, he was sensing my fears. Bad mommy, I'll try to be more confident next time. Don't want him to develop vet phobia. Once in the room I started to prepare for the vet with my list of Q's and handful of documents.

Danzig weighed 17lb 6oz. The Dr checked him over and tried to find the mystery lump that was on his neck at the LER. Roscoe and I hadn't been able to find it again since LER day either. The vet suggested it was a small infection from his 1st vaccinations that has since dissipated. We talked for a good 30 minutes as the vet was fascinated with Danzig and Shiloh's in general. He commented on how it was obvious Danzig's breeder was very knowledgeable and took great care of him early on.

Danzig found most of the visit to be uneventfull as he slept pretty much the entire time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Danzig meets Cuda

Cuda is our 9 year old cat. Earlier this year we fostered an adult dog for a while who tormented Cuda and tried to eat him several times so I expected this meeting to not go so well.

But I was pleasantly surprised. They checked each other out from a distance for a while and later that evening Danzig just walk up to Cuda and licked him on the head. Cuda didn't even flinch. I was sooo happy. Things are still getting better as we speak. The other day I brushed them both as they lay next to each other. I started with Cuda as he loves to be brushed, hoping Danzig would see how happy he was and beg for brushing too.

Cuda seems to enjoy having all these toys laying around the house.

I think they will get along really well in the end. Danzig tends to get a bit over excited now and then and rushes up to Cuda which scares him off. All that puppy excitement I guess.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome home DANZIG

After much discussion and testing Danzig picked out his new name. Pronounced Dan-Zig we've already started with the nicknames: Ziggy, Danny Boy and The Zigster.

Thanks for the bunny toy Laura it's one of my favorites already.

Danzig has settled into his crate quite well. As you can see he's got some growing to do to fill it in.

We are going to get along just fine. What a lover he is.

Bath time

After the LER it was time for my 1st real bath so I can go home smelling all nice and fresh.

After a thorough rinsing, a quick blow dry and some nail trimming I'm ready for my new home. I've got the sad eye look down pat, my new mom will have to be strong to not give in to it.

The big day

The day started out chilly but dry and we all headed outside for the temperament portion of the puppies evaluation. I was lucky enough to be the tester helper and had a great time working with the pups all morning. There were several tests done to see how the pups react to noises, pain and other situations and their reasoning was checked in a maze. Black Boy will need a bit of confidence building but he's sure to be a solid well adjusted puppy with the correct care.

Here's Black Boy being evaluated for confirmation by Pam, breeder Laura assists.

Thank you kisses to Laura for being a great caretaker of me for the last 8 weeks.

After all was said and done Black Boy had a Medium temperament and came is as a breed quality puppy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LER scheduled & rescheduled

The final step in preparing the pups for their news homes is a thorough Litter Evaluation (LER) done by a 3rd party. They will look at each pups behaviors and reactions to situations as well as confirmation (how well them meet the breed standard).

Each part (behavior & confirmation) take about 30-45 minutes per pup. Originally the plan was for all pups to have their behavior evaluation today and their confirmation evaluation Friday. This would be enough info for the breeder to determine which pups meet the needs of which families.

Well things don't always work out as planned. Laura work up this morning and discover 2 of the pups had diarrhea overnight. She cancelled the LER today and visited the vet. Just 12 hours later and all seems to be going well. Fridays LER is back on and the 2nd 1/2 now scheduled for Saturday.

There a slim chance Black Boy could have both done Friday which means he could come home with us then.

Fingers crossed the pup sleep well tonight and enjoy a restful Thanksgiving so they are ready for show time Friday.

Happy Turkey Day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recalling a visit to the dog show

Back in October I attended a local IABCA show in Enumclaw to meet my pups breeder Laura and some local Shiloh's. What a great time I had taking with everyone and observing the dogs in action.

Here Jeannette gets Teddy and Rocky ready for the ring.

Here's a shot of Gryphyn being well behaved as usual thanks to his owner/trainer Nancy.

Venus and Dallas of Strauss Haus looking cute and ready for action.

I can't wait for this same show in 2008 as I'll be attending with my yet to be named guy for sure.

7 weeks old and getting close

My sister Tanya and best friend Ruth came with me to visit the pupsters. It was a long drive in the pouring down rain and heavy traffic but well worth it. Tanya was visiting from the UK and didn't want to miss out on a chance to cuddle. This also helps socialize and adapt the pups to various human handling.

Black boy is getting so big. He sat in my lap off and on most of the time we visited. Laura, the breeder, taught us all to avoid touching their ears too much at this young age as their cartilage is still weak and developing. If you want sturdy erect ears follow this advice. Later Laura gave us all detailed tour of her facilities and filled us in on some future plans.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Getting closer

A) Is this Black boy

B) Or is this?
I do know this is him sleeping, notice the red fur on his lower head/upper neck area. I think he's A but can't tell for sure. Black ribbon hides so easily in a fluffy coat. For some reason I can always pick him out sleeping.

And these two take the cutest picture.