Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepy Shiloh

It was over 80 and sunny all day so what do Shiloh's do? They play of course. Look, someones getting sleepy.
And now he's sound asleep

What an angel

Still sleeping

Wow, must have been a really fun day for this Washington Shiloh Shepherd.

Fun in the sun

It was a beautiful sunny day and we were doing yard work and hanging out in the yard all day.

Daddy's boy

I was inside the house and looked outside and saw my two boys playing in the yard.
Can you tell which is the brat?

It's quite a special bond they have and I love to watch them together. Shiloh's make such loyal and lovable companions
What a great addition to the family Danzig is.

Cute boy in the woods

I was at a picnic with some friends and while we ate I tied Danzig to a tree nearby in the woods. I looked over and saw this cute boy visiting him.

I was actually fairly far away, the camera is fully zoomed in.

Most adults are fearful when they 1st see Danzig, but kids typically just run up without hesitation.
I thought these would make a cute addition to the dog blog.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Letterboxing adventures

Hiking with some friends at Lewis and Clark State Park in Winlock, Wa. This lovely park is located near Centralia and is loaded with fun trails and letterboxes.

Danzig rests after a long day of hiking.
Here is my friend Ruth and Danzig saying hi to some girls on a walking trail near Sea-Tac. This park is also known as runway park as it's located directly under the flightpath into the airport. It can get quite loud at times when multiple jumbo jets fly over so watch out. I wondered how Danzig would react to the plane noise but I didn't need to worry as he hardly seemed to notice.

The 2 girls were quite taken with Danzig and he loved the attention.

A visit to Poulsbo

We visited a beautiful quint waterside town near Bremerton called Poulsbo.
There were several small parks to explore and friendly people to say hi to.
This boardwalk connects two parks and is right on the Poulsbo marina.

There are water views from every angle.

What a fun day of walking and exploring a new area we had.

Dallas and Danzig meet again

It was another lovely day in Washington and we met Jessica and Dallas again. As you can see the 2 furbies were excited to see each other.
Dallas say's bye to Jessica daughter who stopped by to say hi.
Here Dallas is quite interested in something.

And here both Dallas and Danzig have their noses to the ground. I suspect this litter will have good noses on them.