Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 1st Date :)

I arrived at Strauss Haus and there was Dallas all flirty and fine lookin'
We romped around and had a good ol time playing

We had the place to ourselevs, well except for Luna but she didn't seem to mind

Getting down to business

Let's give them some privacy don't ya think?

Flower child

After a fun time with Dallas we stopped along the road just outside of Port Angeles to admire all the lovely yellow flowers.

Ahaaa, back in the truck we go, I'm ready for a nap.

A visit to Dungeness

On the way to visit Dallas my new love at Strauss Haus Shepherds we stopped at a small beach in Dungeness (near Sequim).
It was turning out to be a beautiful day.

Shortly after we arrived I got do do one of my favorite around and have fun.

I ran and I ran...

And in the end I was muddy, sandy and smelled a tad like fish. What any girl would love huh Dallas?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The NWC goes sheep herding

Pam arrives on this lovely sunny day with Ollie and her new cutie Major. What a big beautiful boy he is, I was so excited to finally meet him in person. We were all gathering the try our hand (or paws) at sheep herding in Roy at a place called Ewe-topia.
Chloe is such a doll, look at the darling expression of hers.

Win arrives and Thea says hello to Chloe. Thea is in training and knows when it's OK to say hi and when she's working.

Danzig watches the pups play and loves all the attention Cat is giving him.

Here the gang poses nicely for a picture. It's our last chance to rest up before the herding activities begin.

More from Ewe-topia

Now for the herding...bring on the sheep!

Here Chloe shows us how it's done, good girl Chloe, follow that sheep.

Tika ponders how to get past the lady with the big stick and get to the sheep.

Ollie fills in for Major who had enough excitement for one day. Ollie proves to be a master sheep herder. Way to go Ollie.
Danzig has this all figured out, you mean I get to chase them! Sweet!

Sheep herding with you dog is a great oppertunity top work with your dog one on one. They excel at the sport by listening to commands you give them.
The best part of the day was seeing all the wonderful Shiloh folk and their dog's. There was a huge dog play area next to the herding pens and we took full advantage of such a big area to let our Shiloh frolic. This is where Danzig and Major 1st met. Here's a short video of them meeting :

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Danzig found a hole

So what did he do?
Lay down in it of course!

Snopark adventure

On the way back from Odessa the pass was closed suddenly for avalanche control. We decided to check out Roslyn (from the TV show Northern Exposure fame) and the Cle Elem area where Roscoe grew up biking.
The bike area was now a snopark and as you can see this bridge is covered in 5 feet of snow.

Danzig had an absolute blast running around in the snow.

After such a long car ride he had tons of pent up energy to release.

Beautiful Cle Elem

Some more pics of the humans and scenery

To the Dez we go

We packed up and headed to Odessa for the Dez100 race. On the way we stopped and hiked up to the Wild Hoses. They are lifesize sculptures made of steel and were constructed in 1989.

There are currently 15 horses and the artist plans to add another 15 or so more sometime in the future.
You can see them on the hilltop from I-90 near Vantage. It's quite a steep trek to see them close up but well worth it.

A view from the bottom looking up to the horses.

It was a long day and drive, we spent the night in Moses Lake. Danzig loves hotels. His treat is being able to sleep on the bed, something he's not allowed to do at home.
The Dez was bustling and hectic, just enough time to snap this one pic.

Sparkplug Enduro

Dad had a race at Belfair so we watch the riders head out for a long fun filled day.

The sun was out in full force,
wish I had some of those goggles.
We headed to the state park, planted a letterbox and enjoyed the beach.

The cookie trick

I can do this cute trick where mom put's a cookie on my nose and I wait until she say's ok and then I flip it up in the air and catch it. I'm still working on perfecting my aim, I think this one ended up on the counter behind me.