Sunday, March 11, 2012

A day exploring Lincoln Park

We headed to Seattle to check out Lincoln park
This place looks fun, let's go

Where did Dad go?

He's up there rummaging in the dirt, how fun is that!

Look at this cute little doggie

Play time, a bit hard with leashes on

Property visit

We headed south to check on the club property. The big storm would surely have left a big mess for us to clean up.
Were here, it's a perfect day for romping

I found a water runoff for dinking in

Yah, another doggie came too, can we be friends?

I'm helping, really I am

Break time

Property visit cont.

Greg knows just the right spot, ahhhhh

The field has lot's of space to run

Nice reach!

Pointer dog pose

Having another new buddy make me smile

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Property visit cont.

Snow Day 2012!!!

Gotta love the snow

We strolled around the neighborhood

Cuda was not amused


Letterboxing at Dash Point State Park

It was a typical rainy day here in the northwest so we headed out boxing.

A visit at Grandma's

We spent some time at Grandma Susie's

All dressed up in my holiday bandana

What is this little ball of rambunctious fur?

Being a good houseguest

Is it bed time yet?

Our new addition

Here's a couple of pics of Danzig's new buddy OZZY