Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cajun basket arrived

After a long and hectic day I finally made it home and to my surprise look what arrived! Danzig was just as excited as I was to see what's inside.

It's like he knew it was just for him. Here Danzig sneaks his head inside and slips out a doggie toy gator (another plus, it doesn't squeek).

What's this lurking below?
Blair promised nothing live...

Cajun Basket Cont.

Wait, you have to take another picture! I just want MY toy. It said right on it that it was for me, please?
As you can see Danzig's very happy with his southern gator.

Wow, look at all that stuff. Boy are we gonna have some fun trying all this out.

Thanks so much Blair (aka Behr), Athen & Sasha.
What an exceptionally fun way to end this day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A kid again

The snow has continued and it finally warmed up enough to make it snowman sticky.
Poor Danzig looks on and can't understand why I don't want him to play with the snow I'm playing with.
I promise I won't chew the snowmans arms.
Dad distrsacts Danzig while I put the finishing touches on.

Ta da. Good leave it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

It snowed over the weekend and I have what Sondra calls the "zoomies". I was jumping at snow balls and having a good ol' time.

It was non stop action as I zipped around.


This snow stuff is so much fun.
I'm wearing down a bit...

But only for a second and I'm off again.

Snow Day cont.

I was over the initial excitement in these so I held still for the pics. Look ma there's kids.

Is that cute or what.

Look ma there's birds over there.

Look ma there's the cat.

More torture shots!

It snowed and Mom made me wear the hat again.

She can't help it, it's so festive.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A visit with Santa

We went to visit the Jolly one himself today.
I'm hoping he hasn't been keeping tabs on what I've been up to this year (there was that time I chewed the coffee table, chased the cat and dug up the fern)

Don't we look cute in our matching hats!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy boy

I'm just a happy boy!

Always smiling
Always having fun


We went to Susie's and Brady was there with his dog Big. Hmmm, he doesn't look that big to me.
But he's a cutie says mom and fun to play with

I see something really fun to play with...

It's Haus the kitty. He loves to taunt the doggies.

Please Grandma can I come in there?

Christmas shopping

We headed to the pet store to so I could finish up my shopping. Sweet, let's get one of these for hmmmmmm, how about me?

Wow! Look at those! Every dog's dream.

You can never have enough doggie literature.
We found a fellow Seahawk fan all Santa'd up. Don't we look good? Better get home to start wrapping.

A romp in the yard

Come on, just throw it!
Yipee, look I'm flying.

I got the ball, I got the ball.

Look out 'cause here I come.

That was fun, can we nap now?