Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog Show 10/08

We arrived at the Enumclaw fairgrounds and ran into Angela and Loki and set up shop in the far corner right in front of the restrooms. Not ideal but we were lucky to find a spot as the place was packed. Ken, Judy & Big Jake arrived soon after followed by Nancy & Gryphyn.
Unfortunately show photo's were few and far between. With a one human to dog ratio it left little opportunity for pictures while in the ring. The few snapped were mostly blurry or dark.

Danzig won 3 of the 4 breed shows but a group win eluded us. There were 2 other female Shiloh's who came and both being in heat made for some hard to manage boy's to say the least.

IABCA show Cont.

We head outside to a fun filled
break. Look, Ken's smiling!
Nancy holds Danzig & Gryphyn

Angela with Loki
Angela has homemade doggie treats for the Shiloh's and chololates for the humans.

Sniffs all around

Show weekend cont.

We all break for lunch at Pam's motorhome

Big Jake smiling

A Shiloh train

Danzig & Big Jake happy to see each other.

Can we come in?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin patch

It was a rain free day so off to the pumpkin patch we went. What's cuter than dog's and pumpkins?

I like this one Mom, it's perfect.
My camera kinda fizzed out so I only got a few pics but we both had fun and Danzig was drawing in crowds of kids. At one point he was completely circled by a half dozen youngsters. What a great picture that would have made.

A day at Rimrock Lake

It was a windy day that greeted us as we arrived to check out the Rimrock GP.

I think I'll try digging down to China, this sand is really easy to dig in.

Double vision, my shadow is sneaking up on me.
I think I hear something, turns out yellow jackets were lurking. Run Danzig, run!

Silver Lake resort is located on the banks of the lake, surrounded by beautiful sights.

Rimrock Cont.

Rimrock is a lake that's drained yearly and used to irrigate nearby Yakima farmland. Look what I found, doggie footprints in the sand. And the culprit...
Danzig was always hoping for Dad to race by again. He yells when he does. Lookin' good.
See how calm he is now when the bikes go by. He barely notices!

How sad am I, the race is over and it's time to go home. It was fun while it lasted.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another day at the races

Dad had another race so off we went to Straddleline ORV for a day of fun and bikes. Mom was wondering how I would do with the loud bikes this time...
Not to worry, I found this cute girl who hung out and pet me all afternoon.

I didn't even notice the loud bikes as I was having such a good time. There were plenty of sticks to chew on.

And even an old stump here and there for me to sink my teeth into. Another doggie day in paradise!

These new big pictures rock btw :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Snap , Crackle, Pup

Last Saturday was a responsible dog ownership event put on by the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club. We were asked to man a Meet the Breed booth to allow people to come meet and learn about Shiloh's. We just heard about it a few day's prior so I slapped a few pics on a board and printed up the standard and some trifolds and we were off to Silverdale.

Danzig did a great job being friendly. He likes to get down to the level of smaller dog's, I think so they aren't so afraid of his size.

The event started at 10 and by 11 the crowds were rolling in. It was one meet and greet after another. Here a smiley Beagle says hello.

Dog's just gotta have fun! For the most part Danzig was pretty calm and laid back, it was a warm sunny day after all, but a few visitors encouraged romping and Danzig was happy to comply.

This little gal visited off and on all day. And when she finally had to leave she thru a tantrum. She was definitely a doggie lover.

More Snap, Crackle, Pup

The booth next to our was for Great Danes, and this guy Magnum was an especially large Dane. He was also a therapy dog so very sweet and gentle.

Magnum was only 2 years old so still growing. See how he towers over Danzig, who's still growing too!

The event setup was really nice, the booths were in a big circle around the ring so you could see all the events.

We were the only one's without a pop up for shade so Danzig hangs in the corner to take advantage of the Irish Setters shade maker. Another cute kid gives Danzig some much appreciated lovin'.