Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to say hi again

It's been so cold and dreary but finally a lovely weekend to head out and take some pics of me just being cute. I'm switching back to Orijen puppy food as my farts were getting the best of
Mom & Dad lately. I guess that extra food I started eating put me over the edge! I just started the switch yesterday so I'll keep you posted on how it blows, I mean goes!

The orange ball below use to have legs on it but they were too enticing and within 1 day were deteriorating so Mom cut them off. Now it's a big bouncing rubber ball that squeaks!!!
Here I take a quick drink, must keep hydrated.
I heard my twin sis Shavora was getting blacker, especially on her back and tail. That was a week or so ago, now I'm finally getting darker too.
One happy go lucky pup!

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