Saturday, April 18, 2009

To the Dez we go

We packed up and headed to Odessa for the Dez100 race. On the way we stopped and hiked up to the Wild Hoses. They are lifesize sculptures made of steel and were constructed in 1989.

There are currently 15 horses and the artist plans to add another 15 or so more sometime in the future.
You can see them on the hilltop from I-90 near Vantage. It's quite a steep trek to see them close up but well worth it.

A view from the bottom looking up to the horses.

It was a long day and drive, we spent the night in Moses Lake. Danzig loves hotels. His treat is being able to sleep on the bed, something he's not allowed to do at home.
The Dez was bustling and hectic, just enough time to snap this one pic.

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