Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NWC Specialty

It was the perfect day for an outdoor dog show. Ruth and I arrived early to start setting up for teh SSDCA NWC specialty and annual picnic.

Shavora gives Sondra a loving look as they sit and wait for the others to arrive.

The ring was huge. It started out 75X75 but luckily the judge arrived and felt one area had a hazard so we quickly shorthened it up. It was still huge though!

Here Pam is with her Best in Show puppy Hero

And here is Danzig who was Best in Show! I was quite proud of the fuzz wuzz. He really enjoyed showing outdoors, but he was pretty into the smells on the ground and it was tough to keep his head up. See the NWC SSDCA forum for full results.

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