Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Puppies are 10 days old

Look at these cuties!!!
This guy/gal looks really chubby, what a healthy pup. Lots of human handling while young is a good way to begin socialization, a key to having a well behaved dog. Our fuzzy will attend puppy pre-school and kindergarten before enrolling in basic obedience classes. Then maybe some agility to keep him entertained and active. Our family spends a great deal of time outdoors camping and we live just a short distance from a great dog walking trail.

This little cutie-pie is sticking his/her tongue out. Ready or not here I come.

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Jarna said...

Due to concerns about our unvaccinated pupster catching something we decided puppy preschool was a bad idea. He will be enrolled in kindergarten starting early January once he's fully imunized.