Saturday, December 1, 2007

Danzig's been home a week now

And he's settling in quite well I think. See that cute black spot on his tail, many say it looks like a heart. He loves to stretch out and lay with his legs out behind him. It's the cutest pose and often his tail sticks straight up when he does it. I'll have to get a pic.

Here's Danzig giving Cuda a kiss on the head. They are still getting along well and Danzig is learning his boundaries...stay out of the cats room and leave him alone when he's sleeping in his bed.

Danzig ears are just starting to stand up a bit so when he looks back or lays on his side like in this picture they are in the up position.

What a sweetie he is. Already a mama's boy says Roscoe. His favorite spot is asleep at my feet.

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