Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the show goes on

Here's a shot of Ken's Big Jake looking mighty alert. Jake won the Gold Cup on Day 2, a big honor. He made all of us Shiloh lover's very proud.

Marcella, Sondra and Aili are standing by ringside. There's a lot of standing and waiting for your turn to come up. Thank goodness there was good company to hang with.

Here Teddy and Gryphyn get stacked, Stacked is posing your dog to look its best. For Shiloh's the the front feet are straight down and paralel while the rear closest to the judge should be outstretched back.

Nancy & Gryphyn cruise the ring so the judge can observe the front and rear motion (also refered to as coming and going).

Here are the puppies showing off. Dog's only left to right: Rocky, Aili, Shavora (hidden), Danzig and Koda.

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