Saturday, March 1, 2008

More from the IABCA show

Most of the NW Shiloh's showed up for the big 2 day show in Washington. There were 11 shiloh's showing in total, 3 from California, 2 from Oregon and the rest were local Washingtonians. Here's a gang of Shiloh's ready to go in the ring early on Day 1. Left to right: Gary, Sondra, Shavora, Dallas, Danny, Laura, Nancy, Gryphyn, Teddy, Jessica, Aili, Marcella & Pam (the last lady & dog are unknown).

Marcella, Nancy & Jessica chat about the show as dogs Aili, Kyna, Dallas & Danzig relax. This shot is from Day 2, which had less participation. I can understand why as you get pretty exhausted after just 1 day of showing.
Teddy and Danzig check out the action in ring 5.

There was a junior handeler show and a young lad left his wolfhund? with Jessica for safekeeping while he ran to the restroom. It was quite humerous as the boy was as big as his dog.

Here Jeanette and Teddy talk to a police officer about how wonderful Shiloh's are.

Sorry, I can only post 5 pictures per post, more to come...

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