Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Match Dog Show

There were 2 confirmation show's and to my surprise one of the judges was an IABCA judge so she was very familiar with the Shiloh standard. The other judge looked briefly at the standard after admitting to Danzig being the 1st Shiloh she's ever seen. Here Danzig has his bite examined. Look how those pearly white gleam.

It was an extremly relaxed show, more of a learning style for the newbies which was perfect for us. We soaked in the tips offered and asked plenty of questions. Danzig was the only Shiloh and won Best of breed, best male and 1st place herding in both shows.

With a dozen or so dog's in this UKC version of BIS (some groups had multiple entrants as puppies and adults were combined) they doubled the ring size which gave Danzig a chance to show off his movement.

Danzig quickly became friends with this cute puppy.

Here Danzig shows off his winnings. Way to go! What a fun day we both had.

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