Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shiloh Meet & Greet

On 7/19 Sondra & Gary hosted a Shiloh Meet & Greet picnic at their place in Oregon. They have a great piece of Shiloh heaven.
Here Sondra with Shavora and Marcella with Kyna go for a stroll in the large play area.

Easy up were in place to provide shade for all.

There were 2 youngsters in attendance. Here Danzig plays under a shady tree with Freya and Harley.

The puppies take a break from play and drink from a giant dog bowl? No...that Shavora's doggie spa.

Danzig and Steiner can't keep their eye's of the gal's and they proved to be 2 males hungry for some female companionship. They were kept separate from the girls when unsupervised.

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