Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pup cont.

There were several police dog presentations including bomb/drug sniffing and apprehending a criminal (here demonstrated by Ajax) during the day. Ajax is the K9 units newest addition and SSDCA member Jeanette organized a fundraising effort to get him a bulletproof vest. There was a presentation by the club and then they announced Jeanette as the Shiloh Shepherd lady.

I think this pic is just so cute. Just after Jeanette spoke and another police man (the chief I believe) was talking, look how Jeanette is gazing down at Ajax. You can just see the love.

Here Ajax struts his stuff in his new vest.

There were other demonstrations throughout the day including some dancing dog routines.

You gotta love those dancing dogs! The Burmese Mountains dog's did a cart pulling show as well but somehow I missed it completely!

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