Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A wet adventure

We headed down to the local creek so Danzig could play in the water a bit. The water level was extremely low and there wasn't much current but he still had a blast.

It was a hot day so Danzig splashed around more than usual, he's not much of a water dog.

What's that, some people and dog's are coming to platy with me! One lady and her two "they don't get along with other dog's so please stay back" doggies arrived and quickly left.

Then a guy and his friendly fuzzy showed up. Danzig just LOVES to play with other dog's. This gal recently had her rear shaved so Danzig had to play nice.

Afterwards we took a stroll down the walking trail to dry off. Here Danzig poses in front of some sunflowers.

What a lovely day we had.

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