Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Northwest SSDCA Picnic

The Northwest Chapter of the SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America) held it's annual Washington State picnic in Kingston at member Jeanette's lovely home. We arrived and set up next to Danzig's sister Shavora. The poor thing was confined to an X pen for the majority of the event as she was experiencing her 1st heat. Not to worry most of the males in attendance stayed close by and kept her company.

Here Danzig greets his sister with a big sloppy one. He was very happy to see her again.

It was a gorgeous day for a gathering. Here Roscoe and Danzig stand on the hill overlooking the activities below.

Temperament (TT) testing was conducted on about 10 Shiloh's and I'm happy to report all including the Zigster passed! For the test the handler and dog walk their way through 10 stations to see how the dog reacts to certain situations and noises. The stations included a friendly stranger, animal in a crate, loud noises from behind a tarp, walking on strange surfaces, a cowbell ringing, a passive stranger, an umbrella popping open just as you approach, a loud bang/gunshot noise and finally a threatening stranger jumps out in front of you with a big stick.

Play, play and more play. With around 30 Shiloh's in attendance it was a day full of fun for the fuzzies.

Here's a slideshow with many more pictures of the day.

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