Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Snap, Crackle, Pup

The booth next to our was for Great Danes, and this guy Magnum was an especially large Dane. He was also a therapy dog so very sweet and gentle.

Magnum was only 2 years old so still growing. See how he towers over Danzig, who's still growing too!

The event setup was really nice, the booths were in a big circle around the ring so you could see all the events.

We were the only one's without a pop up for shade so Danzig hangs in the corner to take advantage of the Irish Setters shade maker. Another cute kid gives Danzig some much appreciated lovin'.

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Mutt Gal said...

Hello! I finally found your blog. I met you at the Responsible Ownership Day in Silverdale and met your beautiful dog. There is one picture of him up on my blog so when you get a chance, pop on over to see it!