Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Snap , Crackle, Pup

Last Saturday was a responsible dog ownership event put on by the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club. We were asked to man a Meet the Breed booth to allow people to come meet and learn about Shiloh's. We just heard about it a few day's prior so I slapped a few pics on a board and printed up the standard and some trifolds and we were off to Silverdale.

Danzig did a great job being friendly. He likes to get down to the level of smaller dog's, I think so they aren't so afraid of his size.

The event started at 10 and by 11 the crowds were rolling in. It was one meet and greet after another. Here a smiley Beagle says hello.

Dog's just gotta have fun! For the most part Danzig was pretty calm and laid back, it was a warm sunny day after all, but a few visitors encouraged romping and Danzig was happy to comply.

This little gal visited off and on all day. And when she finally had to leave she thru a tantrum. She was definitely a doggie lover.

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