Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another day at the races

Dad had another race so off we went to Straddleline ORV for a day of fun and bikes. Mom was wondering how I would do with the loud bikes this time...
Not to worry, I found this cute girl who hung out and pet me all afternoon.

I didn't even notice the loud bikes as I was having such a good time. There were plenty of sticks to chew on.

And even an old stump here and there for me to sink my teeth into. Another doggie day in paradise!

These new big pictures rock btw :)


Bre said...

What a beautiful animal he is! Oh my, and such a big one! Love him. Tina set out to create a shepherd from the past, and she did exactly that. Nothing like a shiloh to wake your morning up with! Thanks for the heads up on your page. Wonderful boy.

Jarna said...

Thanks Bre! Glad you found me.