Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Danzig meets Cuda

Cuda is our 9 year old cat. Earlier this year we fostered an adult dog for a while who tormented Cuda and tried to eat him several times so I expected this meeting to not go so well.

But I was pleasantly surprised. They checked each other out from a distance for a while and later that evening Danzig just walk up to Cuda and licked him on the head. Cuda didn't even flinch. I was sooo happy. Things are still getting better as we speak. The other day I brushed them both as they lay next to each other. I started with Cuda as he loves to be brushed, hoping Danzig would see how happy he was and beg for brushing too.

Cuda seems to enjoy having all these toys laying around the house.

I think they will get along really well in the end. Danzig tends to get a bit over excited now and then and rushes up to Cuda which scares him off. All that puppy excitement I guess.

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