Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LER scheduled & rescheduled

The final step in preparing the pups for their news homes is a thorough Litter Evaluation (LER) done by a 3rd party. They will look at each pups behaviors and reactions to situations as well as confirmation (how well them meet the breed standard).

Each part (behavior & confirmation) take about 30-45 minutes per pup. Originally the plan was for all pups to have their behavior evaluation today and their confirmation evaluation Friday. This would be enough info for the breeder to determine which pups meet the needs of which families.

Well things don't always work out as planned. Laura work up this morning and discover 2 of the pups had diarrhea overnight. She cancelled the LER today and visited the vet. Just 12 hours later and all seems to be going well. Fridays LER is back on and the 2nd 1/2 now scheduled for Saturday.

There a slim chance Black Boy could have both done Friday which means he could come home with us then.

Fingers crossed the pup sleep well tonight and enjoy a restful Thanksgiving so they are ready for show time Friday.

Happy Turkey Day!

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