Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome home DANZIG

After much discussion and testing Danzig picked out his new name. Pronounced Dan-Zig we've already started with the nicknames: Ziggy, Danny Boy and The Zigster.

Thanks for the bunny toy Laura it's one of my favorites already.

Danzig has settled into his crate quite well. As you can see he's got some growing to do to fill it in.

We are going to get along just fine. What a lover he is.


Pim said...
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Pim said...

Hi Jarna, my name is Pim; Justin's dad. Danzig looks great ! very happy too. As you know we hope to welcome Danzig's sister Rayne within 2 weeks. You made a lovely website and photo's.
Take care, Pim and Justin

Jarna said...


Can't wait to hear about Rayne's adventure.

Brother Danzig sends well wishes to the whole family.